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OpenBSD Journal
The OpenBSD Community.

OpenBSD Journal
  • CfP extended for EuroBSDCon 2015

    Due to overwhelming response, the deadline for submitting talks to EuroBSDCon has been extended:

    Since there was a huge rush of submissions just on the very last day, we have decided to give a second chance for all of you that didn’t quite finish your talk or tutorial proposal in time for the deadline.

    The new date is set to May 22nd, but you don’t have to wait until the very last moment. Send in your suggestions right away. We think there still is room for some more topics related to *BSD left to present.

    For those of you who already have sent in yours, we are very happy to see so many good submissions. Don’t hesitate to add another topic to your submissions if you haven’t run out of good ideas yet.

    If you've been sitting on that paper, now's the time to ship it!

  • p2k15 Hackathon Report: schwarze@ on USE_GROFF
    Ingo Schwarze (schwarze@) writes in with our fourth report from the p2k15 ports hackathon:

    When groff was removed from the OpenBSD base system in October 2010, Marc Espie@ marked more than 3000 ports with the USE_GROFF bsd.port.mk(5) variable, meaning that their manuals were formatted with groff at port build time and the preformatted versions included in the package. Over time, as mandoc(1) matured and learnt to handle more and more syntax, the number of ports having USE_GROFF gradually decreased.

  • BSDNow Episode 085: PIE in the Sky

    A bit late out of the gate, Undeadly readers are likely interested in the latest episode of BSDNow, featuring news of Solaris working to include OpenBSD's pf as an option on upcoming releases, the Bay Area BSD User Group keeping a stream of videos from their meetings going, some long-form blogging about the OpenBSD ports system, a discussion about keeping your home firewalls up to date, LLVM growing a fuzzing library, and most especially an interview with Pascal Stumpf (pascal@), with an overview of the whys and hows of address space layout randomization (ASLR) and the work extending position-independent executable (PIE) to statically-linked binaries.

    [Video|HD Video|MP3 Audio|OGG Audio|Torrent]

  • Solaris Admins: For A Glimpse Of Your Networking Future, Install OpenBSD

    Undeadly's very own Peter Hansteen has written up some PF-on-Solaris-related email chatter:

    Roughly a week ago, on April 5th, 2015, parts of Oracle's roadmap for upcoming releases of their Solaris operating system was leaked in a message to the public OpenBSD tech developer mailing list. This is notable for several reasons, one is that Solaris, then owned and developed by (the now defunct) Sun Microsystems, was the original development platform for Darren Reed's IP Filter, more commonly known as IPF, which in turn was the software PF was designed to replace.

    As they say, read the whole thing!

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