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OpenBSD Journal
The OpenBSD Community.

OpenBSD Journal
  • Heads Up: spamd(8) PF Rule Change

    With a recent commit, Reyk Flöter (reyk@) flipped the switch on spamd(8)'s pf interfacement:

    hange spamd to use divert-to instead of rdr-to.
    divert-to has many advantages over rdr-to for proxies.  For example,
    it is much easier to use, requires less code, does not depend on
    /dev/pf, works in-band without the asynchronous lookup (DIOCNATLOOK
    ioctl), saves us from additional port allocations by the rdr/NAT code,
    and even avoids potential collisions and race conditions that could
    theoretically happen with the lookup.
    Heads up: users will have to update their spamd PF rules from rdr-to
    to divert-to.  spamd now also listens to instead of "any"
    ( by default which should be fine with most setups but has to
    be considered for some special configurations.

    Those of you running spamd setups looking to upgrade need to double-check your pf configurations to make sure they still work the way you expect.

  • OpenBSD 5.7 CD 2 Incorrectly Pressed

    OpenBSD project leader Theo de Raadt (deraadt@) outlined some issues with the CD plant, which led to an incorrectly-finished CD 2, some of which were, unfortunately, shipped prior to the issue being found.

    Sadly, CD2 of the OpenBSD 5.7 shipped in a broken fashion due to errors at the manufacturing plant. Two mistakes were made.

    In the rush after the first error, this error was not caught in time. Many people have received (or will soon receive) their package with this broken disc. Orders which have not yet shipped are being held back... because...

    A repaired disc is on the way from the plant.

    This will be shipped out to everyone, and will be inserted into the orders not yet shipped.

  • BSDNow Episode 089: Exclusive Disjunction

    On this week's episode of BSDNow, the hosts interview Mike Larkin (mlarkin@) about how he got started in OpenBSD, his recent and upcoming work on W^X, and how that fits into the OpenBSD exploit mitigation ecosystem.

    As always, they also have all the news and reviews in the world of all things BSD.

    [Video|HD Video|MP3 Audio|OGG Audio|Torrent|YouTube]

  • OpenBSD 5.7 Shipping, First Pre-orders Arriving
    After a delay due to unfortunate production problems (the first such delay in 20 years), the OpenBSD Store announced that all pre-orders had been shipped.

    And it seemed like only moments later that Raf Czlonka was the first to report on the misc@ mailing list that his pre-ordered OpenBSD 5.7 CD set had arrived.

    Even if you hadn't preordered, you still have a chance to order your CD set and other swag by visting the OpenBSD Store. If you want to support the project financially in other ways, the Donations page is, as always, a good place to start.

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